4th & 5th Lepanto cross country UCI C1 XCO Races

01st & 02nd June 2019


 The Union Cycliste Internationale, the Hellenic Federation of Cycling, the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Nafpaktia and the Prasino & Mple (Green & Blue) Nonprofit Organization welcome you to the 2nd & 3rd LEPANTO Cross Country UCI C2 XCO International Races,  that are held in the city of Nafpaktos and constitute one of the top Sports events of mountain biking in Greece. Our goal is to promote the cultural and environmental beauty of the city of Nafpaktos and the Municipality of Nafpaktia, as well as the highlighting of the unique Olympic mountain bike sport «cross country MTB»

  The area – a small presentation…

 Nafpaktos is a beautiful historic and picturesque town in Western Greece, that is located 216 km from Athens. It is a seaside town built amphitheatrically with unique beauty. The old harbor with its two scenic towers at the entrance captivates even the most discerning visitors. The Venetian castle with the successive series of walls on the top of the hill is one of the most well preserved and beautiful citadels in Greece and a real gem. Hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars are at the disposal of the visitor to make the stay enjoyable.


Saturday 01/06/2019 4th  Lepanto cross country UCI C1 XCO race                                           

12:00 – 13:00 Registrations and distribution of Race numbers at Xenia Hotel at     

                       Gribovo beach in Nafpaktos

13:00 – 13:30  Managers’ meeting at Xenia Hotel at Gribovo beach in Nafpaktos

15:00 – 16:00 Training Time

17:00 Start of Men Elite/ Juniors Men / Women Elite / Juniors Women XCO UCI C1 categories                

                 The race course for Men Elite XCO UCI C2 is 4,2km x 7laps

                The race course for Women Elite XCO UCI C2 is 4,2km x 6laps                                                         

                The race course for Men Juniors XCO UCI C2 is 4,1km x 6laps

                The race course for Women Juniors XCO UCI C2 is 4,1km x 4laps

18:30        End of the races

19:00       Award Ceremony at the Castle of Nafpaktos or at the port.   

Sunday 02/06/2019 5th  Lepanto cross country UCI C1 XCO Race                                            

 12:00 Start of Men Elite/ Juniors Men / Women Elite / Juniors Women XCO UCI C2 categories                

                 The race course for Men Elite XCO UCI C2 is 4,2km x 7laps

                The race course for Women Elite XCO UCI C2 is 4,2km x 6laps                                                        

                The race course for Men Juniors XCO UCI C2 is 4,1km x 6laps

                The race course for Women Juniors XCO UCI C2 is 4,1km x 4laps

13:30        End of the races

 14:00       Award Ceremony at the Castle of Nafpaktos


  1. Rules

     The races  4th & 5th  Lepanto Cross Country XCO  C1 is organized under the rules of the UCI, and the specific rules are mentioned in this guide.

 Class – Categories

For the 4th & 5th  Lepanto Cross Country MTB Races only the following categories are allowed:

UCI Class1  XCO:       Men Elite XCO – 4,2km x 7laps

                               Women Elite XCO – 4,2km x 6laps

                               Men Juniors XCO – 4,2km x 6laps

                               Women Juniors XCO – 4,2km x 4laps


 Points Scale

 Men Elite, Women Elite, Junior Men and Junior Women categories will receive points and prize money according to the UCI Class Two (Europe B).


Place       Elite Men/Women   –   Junior Men /Women   

   1st                60 points                         20 points

   2nd               40 points                         18 points

   3rd               30 points                         16 points

   4th                25 points                        14 points

   5th                20 points                        12 points

   6th                18 points                        10 points

   7th                16 points                          8 points

   8th                14points                           6 points

   9th                12 points                          4 points

  10th               10 points                           2 points

  11th                 8 points                         

  12th                 6 points                         

  13th                 4points                             

  14th                 2 points                            

  15th                 1 point                           


Prize Money

 Places          Elite Men/Women        /        Junior Men/Women


1st                 € 500,00                                       € 100,00

2nd                € 400,00                                       €  80,00

3rd                 € 320,00                                       €  65,00

4th                 € 250,00                                       €  55,00

5th                 € 200,00                                       €  45,00

6th                 € 160,00                                       €  35,00

7th                 € 120,00                                       €  30,00

8th                 € 100,00                                       €  25,00

9th                 €   80,00                                       €  20,00

10th               €   40,00                                       €  15,00


Total          € 2.170,00              /          Total   € 470,00

Total Prize Money for Elite Men stage:  € 2.170

Total Prize Money for Elite Women stage: € 2.170

Total Prize Money for Men Juniors:  € 470

Total Prize Money for Women Juniors:  € 470


3.Entry Fee

Per rider is:    50 euros /per race   

Paid your registration on line Piraeus BankIBAN:  GR9101721570005157046138869

  Will receipt proof of payment & numbers from registration office in Nafpaktos – Greece

4. Registration Procedure
The participants can register using the following ways:
-Find the registration form in www.lepanto-crosscountry.gr
-Pay via web banking in Piraeus Bank IBAN: GR9101721570005157046138869
-Sent the registration form to info@prasinomple.gr
E-mail registration closes until 24th May 2019
-Registration of the riders can only be done at the Registration office which will be at Xenia at Gribovo beach in Nafpaktos near the Start/Finish area during the following working hours: 1st June 2019 12:00 – 14:00

5. Race venue
The Castle of Nafpaktos where the race takes place, is 1km far from the center of Nafpaktos . There is direct access to the race tracks and paths. Athletes will stay in hotels in the region. There are many catering businesses near the place of the race.

6. Route description
The race has the starting and finishing lines at the Parking area of the Castle and runs along paths, cobbled roads and forest roads. The altitude reaches 200m. The route is in the forest and into the Castle, the paths are pleasurable.

7. Medical Points
Throughout the event there will be a rescue team of 20 members available at many points and in full communication for quick recovery. There will also be a doctor and an ambulance.

8. Starting Procedure XCO
Riders will be called in the Staging Area 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the race. Staging will begin 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the race.
Riders will be lined up as described in the Start Order above. Eight riders will be placed on each line (might change by decision of the President of the Commissaries’ Panel).
The rider him/herself can decide his/her position on the line. Once the riders are lined up, warm-up (by rollers, turbo trainer etc.) is excluded inside or outside the start area.
The start will be given by the Start Commissaries using the following procedure: Announcements at 3, 2, 1 minute and 30 seconds before the start, then a final announcement that the start will be given within the next 15 seconds. A starting pistol, whistle or horn will be used to give the start. The Start Commissar will be in sole control of the public address system from three minutes before the start until the start has been given.

9. Press Office – Anti-doping tests-Race Office – Meeting room. The Press Office – Anti-doping Control – Race Office – Race Meeting Room will be located near the Start / Finish area. The press office will be fully equipped for online communication.

 10.Technical support

All bikes taking part in the event have the opportunity of a technical check and during the race there will be technical support points near the Start / Finish area. The event has an electronic timing chip for every athlete competing.

11. Feed / Technical Assistance

 Technical assistance during the race is permitted subject to the conditions below:

Authorized technical assistance during a race consists of repairs or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame. Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the finishing line with the same handlebar number plate that he / she had at the start.

Technical assistance shall only be given in the Feed/Technical assistance zones. Spare equipment and tools for repairs must be kept in these zones. Repairs and equipment changes can be carried out by the rider himself or with the help of a teammate, team mechanic or neutral technical assistance. Small items such as an inner tube or a small tool may be handed up from the Feed/Technical assistance zones.

All people inside the Feed/Technical assistance zone must have on them in a visible place a Feed/Technical Assistance zone pass. People without a pass will be removed from the Feed/Technical Assistance zone. Passes will be handed during the Team Managers’ meeting under the supervision of the President of the Commissaries panel (1 pass for every 3 riders for each Feed/Technical Assistance zone)

The Organizer will provide Neutral Technical assistance.

In addition to technical assistance in feed zones, technical assistance is permitted outside these zones only between riders who are members of the same UCI MTB team or of the same national team (if riders are registered in the race as part of the National team).  Riders may carry tools and spare parts provided that these do not involve any danger to the rider himself or the other competitors.

Any changes to UCI regulations regarding Feed/Technical assistance will be applied to the above.

12. Parking locations Parking locations will be near the Start / Finish area.

13. Health Centre. The Health Centre of Nafpaktos is 3,5km for from the race and the Hospital of Rio 14 km away.

14. Contact The organizer is the “Prasino+Mple” (GREEN & BLUE) Nonprofit organization

URL:  http://www.prasinomple.gr/ email : info@prasinomple.gr

RACE’S web sitewww.lepanto-crosscountry.gr

15. History of the race. In Nafpaktos many M.T.B races have been organized, the MTB National championship of 2016 and 2017 , the Elimination National championship of 2017, the Balkan championship of 2017 and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Lepanto Cross Country XCO C2 race 2017 – 18.

The organization committee is the Hellenic Cycling Federation and Co-organizer is “PrasinoMple”. The race takes place at the Castle of  Nafpaktos.


16. Supporters

 The  4th & 5th  Lepanto Cross Country XCO 2018 C1 races is supported by the Municipality of Nafpaktia, the Region of Western Greece, the Hellenic Cycling Federation and sponsors.