The area – a small presentation…

Nafpaktos is a beautiful historic and picturesque town, that is located 216 km from Athens. It is a seaside town built amphitheatrically with unique beauty. The old harbor with its two scenic towers at the entrance captivates even the most discerning visitors. The Venetian castle with the successive series of walls on the top of the hill is one of the most well preserved and beautiful citadels in Greece and a real gem. Hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars are at the disposal of the visitor to make the stay enjoyable.
The two outstanding beaches of the city, Gribovo east and Psani west, owe their uniqueness to the evergreen trees next to the waves. Most of them were planted in the 1950s, now offering their deep shade to the visitors. A point of relaxation and promenade for the big and endless play for the young, the two beaches of the city, that during in the summer months are turned into pedestrian roads, are the ultimate relaxation setting. Awarded with Blue Flags, they have all the necessary infrastructure and offer all the services that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor who wants to combine a swim along with dining or coffee. For the alternative sports fans, during the summer you can Kite surf, sail and scuba dive, while in the winter there is the Oreini Nafpaktia with breathtaking scenery, wonderful hiking and mountain biking trails in the forest, with impeccable hospitality from traditional guesthouses. Moreover the Evinos river, offers the option for Rafting or Canoe Kayak. The beautiful landscapes of Nafpaktos, combining mountain and sea, are sure that will be unforgettable to the visitor.


Under the name Naval Battle of Nafpaktos, is historically known the naval battle that took place on 7 October 1571. The naval battle was held between the united fleets of Spain, Venice, Genoa, the Knights of Malta, the dukedom of Savoy, the dukedom of Urbino, the great dukedom of Tuscany and the Pope under the name of Lega Santa (Sacred Union) against the fleet of the Ottoman Empire near the entry of the Corinthian Gulf. Also the name was given by the gulf that the naval battle took place, because then the entire Bay was called by the Venetians “Gulf of Nafpaktos”. Western historians use the name Naval Battle of Lepanto, from the medieval name of the city.

A place worth visiting and knowing.